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Everything We Offer

KK Equines

Here you can find information on our horses that are for sale and loan. My priority is making sure my horses are happy and well suited to their new homes, therefor all of our horses come with a 28 day trial period, are open to multiple viewings and vetting's.

KK Equine Energy Healing

Here at KK - Equine Energy Healing we offer a solution to problematic behaviour using natural & holistic methods.
We can assist with helping to heal horses struggling with mental & emotional issues that are therefor causing problematic behaviour either ridden or on the ground.
We also offer courses & training in our methods so that you can use them on your horse at home! 


Here at Equinect we understand the importance of taking time for yourself, particularly if you struggle with your mental health. 
We offer Equine interaction & connection, Nature therapy, mindfulness, meditation, life coaching, energy healing and so much more to empower you with the desire and 
tools to improve your own life.

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