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KK Equine Energy Healing

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Reiki & Energy Healing:

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing that works to treat the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Treatments are well known for inducing relaxation, easing pain, providing mental clarity & aiding to release emotional trauma.

Katie is a Reiki Master Teacher that uses this wonderful energy alongside other forms of energy healing, including communication, to ensure that your horse (or you) really get the most out of your session.


We offer both Equine & human EH treatments (although we are happy to treat any animal).
30-minute treatment: £20
60-minute treatment: £35

Reiki Attunements:

Reiki First Degree - £75

Reiki Practitioner Degree - £175

Reiki Master Degree - £350

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60 Minute Lesson - £30

This can cover ridden, groundwork, confidence coaching, equine & human mindfulness, energy work and 'linking in'.

During this time, both you and your horse will receive distant Reiki to help you feel calm, confident and 'in tune' with your horse.

Home Visit Behavioural Training:

Up to 90-minute sessions.

This includes me working with your horse to correct behavioural, mental and emotional issues whilst explaining to you what I am doing and why.
Once I have helped the horse establish a new way 
of being, I will create an aid to request that specific behaviour.
I will then teach this to you, enabling you to use it when working with your horse in the future. 

Groundwork - £45

Minor Ridden Issues - £55

Severe Ridden Issues - £70

Desensitisation sessions are also available for issues such as head shy horses, clipping, tacking up, mounting, etc. 

Holding Service:

End of life holding service for horses in their final moments, so that they have someone with them for cuddles and reassurance. To include: 

- Reiki for horse to ensure they are relaxed and content

- Energy work to ensure they pass peacefully over

- Reiki for the owner to help with mental and emotional distress

The cost for this service is £20 and there is no time limit.


All livery packages include appropriate training/turnout/hay/bedding etc. 7 days a week to suit the individual horse.


I always insist on owners being involved in the training process, with ideally a minimum of 1 visit per week (where possible). I therefore also offer a free weekly 60 minute lesson (ground and ridden) included in the prices below.

Sales Livery - £60 per week + 10% commission

Schooling Livery - £110 per week
Backing Livery - £120 per week

Re-Training Livery - £140 per week (discounts available for over 2 weeks)

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