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A place to find connection

Here at our centre you can connect with our incredibly healing horses and find a peaceful fulfilling connection not only with them,

but with yourself and all that is around you.

During the time that you spend with us you can either take yourself off into the fields to enjoy the peace and serenity offered from

nature therapy or you can work with a member of our team and the horses doing groundwork activities such as grooming & cuddles, l

eading & caring for the horses. All of our activities are carried out in such a way as to increase self awareness, self belief & confidence,

patience and empathy and ability to 'shift' your mindset from one that holds you back to one that is ready and raring to go!

Horses are such fantastic healers because they truly bring you out of your head and into the present moment. We use this opportunity

to teach you about mindfulness, acceptance, gratitude and grounding, which when applied within daily life can have a truly transformative

effect, particularly when you suffer from negative mental and emotional patterns.

They also offer unconditional love and acceptance for us just us we are, which when coupled with awareness aids healing the aspects of

self that has experienced trauma and/or formed negative core beliefs. 

When you have identified where you need heal, we then focus on growth and guide you towards identifying what that would look like for you as an individual. This is where we bring in activities that will enhance your faith in your own ability, again providing you with invaluable tools to take home and apply to your own life where applicable. 

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We believe that no one can 'heal' you, this is something that has to come from within. The first step is making the decision to change, we can then empower YOU with the tools, confidence & drive to advance on your own journey. We offer, Equine interaction therapy, nature therapy, mindfulness, meditation, Reiki & energy healing, life coaching, NLP, different forms of counselling, kinesiology, & other therapies for groups or individuals and you can choose to participate in whichever you are most drawn to.There is no fee for this service (although donations are welcome) if you are struggling with mental & emotional difficulties. Sessions are only available by booking and tend to last from 30/90 minutes, although if you have specific requirements please get in touch as we will always do what we can to help. Please ensure you are dressed appropriately for the weather and environment. This means flat footed and protective shoes, minimal jewellery & old comfortable clothing. 

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