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KK Equines

Here at KK Equines we pride ourselves on our love for and success in finding the perfect match between horse and owner.
With 15 years experience selling Katie and her team understand that to truly find a horse their perfect home, we must understand the horse! This means a vigorous assessment period and training programme are implemented for all of our horses, enabling us to find an owner that fits the horses criteria!
Our belief is that it is our responsibility to speak for the horse and ensure their needs will be met in their new home, while guiding you to find the horse that is best suited to you!

We built our reputation on our love for successful match making & have had the pleasure of making some wonderful new KK family members! Through passion and dedication we have also been recognised and approved by; BETA & BHS, the recommended equestrian association as a reputable trader. Also offering: work experience placements, city and guilds NVQ training & acted as a WHW holding centre.

Here are some of the aspects that set us apart from everyone else.

- We love our horses.
This means that we want our horses to be truly happy and will always strive to ensure the perfect home is found for each individual.

- All of our horses come with a 28 day trial as standard.
With a contract in place to cover both parties this enables you to take the horse to your yard for 28 days. This gives you that much needed reassurance that if it transpires the horse isn't for you, they will be welcomed back with open arms.
We also often have some of the more sensitive horses available for longer trial periods.

- We always recommend multiple viewings.
Horses are sensitive animals that respond differently to a change of conditions. Therefore it is best to try horses in a wide range of settings and circumstances. We facilitate this by encouraging you to hack and school the horse multiple times before taking your new companion home.

- Very detailed adverts.
We do our best to describe the horse accurately and give you as much information as possible. We also try to give an understanding of their personality type so you can decide if they would be a suitable match to your family.

- In depth phone conversation regarding suitability.
Where possible we always try to talk to customers in depth about their needs to identify a horses suitability before even booking a viewing.

- Hundreds of pictures and videos.
We believe that to help you know if a horse is suitable you must also see it's way of going before viewing. We document and upload as much as possible for you to use to determine if the horse is suitable for you. So check out our Facebook and YouTube pages for what will most likely be hundreds of pictures and videos.

- Free guidance and Reiki.
During the time spent with us Katie and the team will endeavour to ensure that you come away from your experience having gained something. So, to do this we offer;
Free Reiki Healing which is given as standard throughout the viewing.
Guidance on how to get the best out of the horse whilst riding and handling.
On top of that you will also receive free guidance on self awareness & development!

- All of our horses are open to vetting.
Use a vet of your choice, have whatever stage you feel required. Quite simply put, it's all down to you.
We can be there to assist with the vetting for no charge.


- Deposits.

A £250 deposit is required to reserve your horse.

Deposits are non refundable unless the horse fails a veterinary inspection once we have spoken to the vet

Deposits hold the horse for 7 days in which time they must be collected or they will be placed back on the market and the deposit retained.

We encourage people to bring an instructor or knowledgeable friend that knows you and your ability with you as an extra pair of eyes and to ensure a good match. 

You are more than welcome to view the horse as many times as you feel necessary and go out on accompanied hacks before bringing them home. 

We are happy to hire out external facilities IE XC course, arena etc (at your own expense). We are also happy for you to view horses at shows & take them in a class but again this is at your own expense.

- We don't just sell to anyone!
Our horses are first and foremost our priority. We do our utmost to ensure that adequate knowledge and care is given to our horses so always require:
- 3 professional references.
- Pictures of the yard.
- Copy of identification and signed contract.
- An in depth discussion about the specific needs of the horse.

Below you can find a few pictures and information on some of the horses that we have for sale, although not all of them are advertised so please contact us directly to see if we have anything suitable.

If you feel that our business is one you would like to connect with please reach out.

Katie & team x

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- 14YO 



kk equines logo.jpg

- 13.1HH
- 8YO



kk equines logo.jpg

- 10HH
- 7YO
- LR



Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 20.12.36.png

- 14.2HH
- 16YO



kk equines logo.jpg

- 16.1HH
- 10YO



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